How to post on Facebook jobs? Are you looking for how to post on Facebook jobs? If so, then posting jobs on Facebook is an effective recruitment strategy that you should be utilizing. With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, you have access to a vast talent pool of potential job candidates.

Following certain guidelines and best practices when posting on the platform, not only will it help bring in more qualified applicants–it will also increase brand awareness as well as engagement among your target audience.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything that goes into creating a successful job listing campaign through Facebook-including how to set up a jobs page; what type of information to include; who can respond; and much more! Read on if you’re ready to learn all about how to post on Facebook jobs and get those ideal hires fast!

Research the job requirements before posting on Facebook

How to post on Facebook jobs

Before you dash off and start typing out your job post, take a moment to do some good old-fashioned detective work. You need to know what you’re looking for in a candidate before you can start looking!

  1. Understand the role: Get up close and personal with the job. Maybe even take it out for dinner. Know what skills it requires, the responsibilities it entails, and the experience needed to do it right.
  2. Know your audience: Who are these mysterious individuals that will be reading your job post? What are they looking for in a job? What language do they speak? (Metaphorically, not literally. Although literally would be good to know too.)
  3. Identify the non-negotiables: What skills are absolutely, positively, non-negotiable? These are the must-haves, the deal-breakers, the ‘don’t even apply if you don’t have these skills. Make sure these are clear in your job post.
  4. Set realistic expectations: Don’t promise potential candidates the moon and stars if you can only offer them a city streetlight. Be honest about what the job entails and what they can expect if they join your team.

Create an appropriate job title to attract qualified applicants

How to post on Facebook jobs
  1. Dabble in Wordplay: Crafting the perfect job title isn’t as dry as it sounds! It’s your first chance to stand out in the crowd, to sing your siren song to talented folks out there. Make it specific, and accurate and sprinkle in a bit of your company’s personality.
  2. Avoid Corporate Babble: Job titles filled with corporate jargon can be as confusing as assembling flat-pack furniture without instructions. Keep it simple and straightforward. “Rockstar Engineer” might sound snazzy, but a “Senior Software Engineer” would get more accurate applicants.
  3. Keywords are Key: Include the key skills or qualifications required in your job title. It’s like a secret handshake, helping your ad to appear in related search results.
  4. Readability matters: You want the title to be easily understood, not deciphered like an ancient hieroglyph. Ensure it’s easily readable at a glance, as snappy and clear as a Broadway marquee!

Describe the position in detail, including qualifications, benefits, and work type

How to post on Facebook jobs
  1. Paint the Picture: Give your potential applicants a good idea of what it would be like to slip into the role. Just like a riveting novel, describe the day-to-day tasks in a way that they can almost taste the morning coffee and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.
  2. Qualifications – the Good, the Bad, and the Must-haves: List down all the qualifications you need in a candidate. Break it into ‘good-to-haves’ and ‘must-haves.’ Remember, you’re looking for the right fit, not a mythical unicorn who ticks every single box.
  3. Perks – the Cherry on Top: Highlight the benefits of the role. Whether it’s a quirky office environment, flexible hours, or the best-darned health insurance this side of the Mississippi, let them know!
  4. Full-Time, Part-Time, or Double-Time?: Be clear about the work type. If it’s a full-time role with extra hours during the holiday season, say so. Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to their time and commitment.
How to post on Facebook jobs
  1. Pave the Road to Application: Make sure to provide a direct, clearly marked route to your online application form. Don’t hide it like a pirate’s treasure map, no one has time for a scavenger hunt – they’re trying to get a job here!
  2. Be a Good Host — Offer Contact Info: If they’ve questions or concerns, they should know who to turn to. Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, or a carrier pigeon, make sure they’ve got a line of contact. After all, communication is the backbone of any good relationship, professional or otherwise.
  3. Spell It Out — The Application Deadline: People need to know when to hit ‘send’. Be clear about your application deadline, don’t leave them hanging like a suspenseful season finale.
  4. Confidentiality – Your Secret’s Safe with Us: Assure candidates that their application will be kept confidential. It’s like being a cool superhero with a secret identity, we won’t spill the beans!

Include keywords that will help your post reach the right audience

How to post on Facebook jobs
  1. Keyword Kung Fu: Just like how your favorite superhero uses their special powers to save the day, using the right keywords can help your job post reach the right people. Don’t go invisible in the search results; use industry-specific terms that potential candidates are likely to search for.
  2. Tag, You’re It: Tags are like those fun little stickers you used to collect as a kid, but they serve a bigger purpose in the digital world. By tagging your job post with relevant categories and skills, you make it easier for job-seekers to find your post in the vast sea of opportunities.
  3. Name-Dropping – The Good Kind: Mention well-known technologies, software, or methodologies prevalent in your industry. It’s like being at a party and casually mentioning you know the band – it gets you noticed.
  4. Location, Location, Location: Include the job location in your keywords. It’s like the old saying goes, ‘location is everything’ – even in job postings. Whether it’s ‘remote’, ‘onsite’, or ‘hybrid’, make sure you’re clear about where your superheroes will be saving the day.
  5. Level Up: Specify the level of expertise or experience you’re looking for. Whether it’s ‘entry-level’, ‘mid-level’, ‘senior’, or ‘Jedi master’, let your candidates know what level of the game they’ll be playing at.

Ask friends and family to share your post to increase visibility

How to post on Facebook jobs
  1. Spread the Word: Just like gossip in high school, getting the word out about your job post can make a big difference! Sharing your post on social media can put it in front of the right eye and increase the chances of finding your superhero.
  2. The Right Fit: Remember those old jigsaw puzzles? Well, finding the right candidate is kind of like finding that missing piece. Make sure your job description clearly outlines the skills and experience you’re looking for so you can find the perfect fit.
  3. Picture Perfect: Images can be more captivating than words. Including company photos or infographics about the role can really make your post stand out. It’s like adding color to an old black-and-white film!
  4. Sweeten the Deal: Everyone likes a bonus level. Highlighting the benefits and perks that come with the job can make your post more attractive to potential candidates. It’s the cherry on top!
  5. Feedback Fun: Remember those report cards from school? Well, asking for feedback on your job posting can help you improve it. It’s a bit like leveling up your game!


In the end, finding your workplace is a bit like a scavenger hunt crossed with a retro video game. It requires strategy, a keen eye, some creativity, and a dash of fun! By writing a crystal clear job description, increasing visibility, and adding a dose of your company’s vibrant color, you’re sure to attract the right fit. Just remember, even in the midst of this grown-up game, keep the feedback coming and the benefits flowing. Because, after all, who wouldn’t want to be part of a team where they can level up and save the day, right? Now, go forth and let the candidate quest begin! Game on!


How do I post a job on Facebook?

You’ll find the option to post a job under the “Jobs” tab on your company’s Facebook page. Click on “Create Job,” fill out the necessary details such as job title, description, and location, and hit “Publish.” Voila, you’re in the game!

Can I edit a job post once it’s been published on Facebook?

Absolutely! Think of it like a game cheat code. You can go back to your posted job, click on “Manage Job,” and edit any details to your liking.

Is it possible to boost a job post on Facebook?

Yes, indeed! Boosting a job post on Facebook is like using a power-up in a video game. You’ll extend your reach to more potential candidates. Just go to your job post and click on “Boost Post.”

Do I need to pay to post a job on Facebook?

Posting a job on Facebook is like a free level in a video game. It’s completely free! However, if you decide to boost your post, there will be costs involved.

How long will my job post stay active on Facebook?

Your job post is like a long-playing game—it stays active for 30 days on Facebook. But remember, you can close it earlier if you fill the position.

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