About us

Best IT Course for Non IT Students

Welcome to Scaleup Institute, a revolutionary institute born from the creative minds of visionaries Haseeb Khan, Mehmood Bashir, Saad Riaz, Abid Qureshi, Awais Rafique, Hassan Durrani, Amjad Gillani, Bilal Qureshi, and Usman Abbasi in 2019. Originally established as a software house, our passion for technology and education has propelled us to become a pioneering institution by 2023.

At Scaleup Institute, we firmly believe in nurturing talent and empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. Our dedication to fostering a diverse and dynamic learning environment is the foundation upon which we cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and skill development. We are committed to equipping our students with the expertise necessary to not only survive but thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Best IT Course for Non IT Students

Our Training Programs

Full Stack Development

One of our flagship programs, the Full Stack Development course, is tailored to produce well-rounded professionals who can confidently tackle complex challenges.

Web Designing

combining web designing and WordPress development, we strive to cultivate the architects of the online realm, empowering them to create captivating and highly functional digital experiences.

Graphic Designing

The art of graphic design lies at the heart of effective communication, and our Graphic Designing course empowers students to visually express ideas, brand identities, and concepts with finesse and creativity.

Content Writing

In a world where content is king, our Content Writing program hones the writing skills of our students, enabling them to craft compelling narratives and engaging content that captivates audiences across the digital spectrum.